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Sunelec was founded in 1984 by Mr. Pradip J Shah and Mr. Sunil G Vora as an electrical contracting company after graduating from the prestigious VJTI College of Mumbai.
Over the years Sunelec has diversified from a contracting company to Consulting businesses, turnkey projects, panel manufacturing and has recently started with the solar division in 2011.
With the vision to concentrate on betterment in electrification services, automation and digitalization, Sunelec also stands for excellence in engineering with innovation and reliability. We aim to be pioneers in providing the best of the energy solutions in the current market. Our Solar division, has commissioned around 200MW of solar PV grid tied generation plants and about 2000KW of rooftop solar power plants. Our aim is to help our clients take control of their energy usage and mitigate their losses by helping them shave peak energy usage and lowering their demand charges. This way we want to merge clean and green technologies with the existing engineering services.
Our strength lies in the highly experienced team of engineers and efficient planners. We pride in our technical expertise, prompt services, timely management projects, maintaining cordial relationships with various consultants and clients while enjoying a sound financial status and speedy material procurement. This powers us to work around the clock with optimum management of costs. It will be our privilege to be associated with your company for your requirements of Solar power plant and other Electrical & Turnkey projects. Here, we never compromise on quality and so we enjoy a spotless reputation as one of the most competent Electrical Consultants & Contractors for the last 33 years.


To see our company, power the future. We aim at creating a sense for green power by tapping into the unlimited potential of energy alternatives. We believe in fulfilling the responsibility we have towards the future generations and want to work constructively towards the same.


It’s our goal to achieve excellence through our work. Wanting to become one to the leading consultancies in the world we want to simultaneously create a legacy for top customer experiences and innovative energy solutions.

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